Tuesday, November 19, 2013

OWASP Vulnerable Web Applications Directory (VWAD) Project

For about two years (Oct 2011 - Oct 2013) I have been maintaing the "Hacking Vulnerable Web Applications Without Going To Jail" blog post, adding new vulnerable web applications you can use to put in practice your knowledge and skills acquired during web application security training sessions, as well as to test any web hacking tools and offensive techniques.

However, last month we (Simon Bennetts, ZAP project lead, and myself) created the "OWASP Vulnerable Web Applications Directory (VWAD) Project", migrating the previous list to a new community OWASP project where more people can contribute and get access to the current directory of vulnerable web apps. The vulnerable web applications have been classified in three categories: online, offline, and virtual machines or ISO images.

If you are interested in contributing to the project, you have two options:
From a technical perspective, the GITHUB VWAD repository contains a couple of Python scripts to convert the wiki contents into TSV (Tab Separated Value) files, and vice versa. You can use the TSV files to import the VWAD contents into other projects or tools.

Enjoy and contribute to the VWAD project! :-)

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