Monday, February 10, 2014

DinoSec Challenge 0: What is the name of this dinosaur?

At the end of last year, during the CCN-CERT conference, I challenged the audience when I reached my speaker bio slide. There, I showed "my picture" and how I "look like" nowadays as a member of DinoSec :-) The question was: "What is the name of this dinosaur?". Nobody answered it...

Throughout my professional career I've really learned a whole lot and enjoyed both participating and creating security challenges. Thus, I would like to start posting again security challenges from time to time using the DinoSec blog. As I don't like unanswered questions to last forever, this is the first introductory challenge where you need to use your investigative, exploratory, and digital paleontologist skills to be able to get the generic name of this dinosaur. To help with its identification, I have provided you three pictures, so that you can see the dinosaur physiognomy and details:

I will hand over prizes for the winner(s) of these challenges, like information security books or other gadgets. In this case, the challenge does not have a deadline. It will be open until someone answers the question and submits the right generic name for this dinosaur. Please, send your submissions to info @AT@ dinosec .dot. com, with the title "DinoSec Challenge 0", and briefly describing in a couple of paragraph how you "guessed" the dinosaur name.

Suggestion if you have kids: If I were you (as Josh Wright educated me sometime ago) I would teach them to start counting at zero! They will express gratitude for it forever :-) Now, you know why this is challenge number zero :-)

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